Financial Management Solution

Hold your cash register without surprises by
controlling your cash inflows and outflows

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  • Instantly view your progressive cash balance
  • Control all your cash in and cash out
  • Track your one-time or recurring expenses
  • Manage your cheque books
  • Track the status of unpaid bills
  • Manage your bank journals

Serious or repeated anomalies in cash management may cause
the accounting department to lose its probative value.
With DIGIPARC hold your cash register with the greatest care.

  • Monitoring incoming and outgoing payments
  • Management of customer collections
  • Supplier payment management
  • Checkbook Management
  • Posting the bank journal
  • Attachment Management
  • Progressive balance of the fund
  • Posting Customer Incoming Payments
  • Accounting for vendor payments
  • Bank Journal
  • Sort, filter and export to Excel
  • Reporting
Simple and intuitive, the DIGIPARC cash register solution allows you to follow your receipts and disbursements in real time.

DIGIPARC allows you to record and keep track of each new incoming or outgoing payment.
Indeed, on a very simple form, you only need to enter the information relating to the incoming or outgoing transaction: corresponding cash register, date, reasons for the incoming or outgoing payment, transaction number, amount in question, transaction title, department, beneficiary, etc. to add a new cash register transaction.
In addition, you can easily find the history of your receipts and disbursements by doing a simple search by date, cash register, transaction, etc..

Get your progressive cash balance in real time on DIGIPARC !

The progressive balance of the cash register is made available to you in real time on the "cash register movement" interface. It represents the actual cash balance at a given time "t".
This balance is calculated on the basis of all the movements of your fund (collection/disbursement) recorded on DIGIPARC.
This way, you'll be able to take control of your caisse's situation, from which you can make quick and informed decisions.

Register and track your customer and supplier payments on your centralized DIGIPARC system!

On your DIGIPARC cash and cash management solution, you can record all your customer and supplier payments.
Concretely, once the customer payment will be carried out, you can record this operation at the level of the module cash register and automatically after the invoice transport corresponding to the payment carried out on the system will be marked paid.
The same applies to supplier payments, particularly those related to DIGIPARC's inventory management solution.