Inventory Management Solution

Avoid overstocking and ensure efficient supply management

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  • Instantly view the actual status of your stock
  • Control your deposits and stores
  • Optimize collaborative work
  • Carry out your inventories easily and without risk
  • Manage your stock movements in real time
  • Optimize your supply chain

Whether you manage inventory in-house or simply want to monitor the use of spare parts, DIGIPARC has what you need.

  • Purchase Requisition Management
  • Management of internal purchase orders
  • Return voucher management
  • Management of supplier invoices
  • Goods Movement
  • Reporting
  • Sort, filter and export to Excel
  • Editing & printing quotes and purchase orders
  • Management of warehouse issue vouchers
  • Transfer Order Management
  • Stock and inventory reports
  • Stock correction
  • Attachment Management
Take inventory on DIGIPARC and take control of your stock !

On DIGIPARC, create an inventory corresponding to your initial stock, and let your solution update your stock as you remove and enter stock.
Parts inventories can be created on demand and imported at any time to update actual quantities.
In concrete terms, it is enough to import on DIGIPARC, the Excel file which includes the inventory (various parts and their quantities) respecting the DIGIPARC canvas to have your inventory to hand.

Optimize your purchases with the complete management of the DIGIPARC purchasing cycle

With DIGIPARC, manage with precision your receipts of parts and / or goods. Indeed, it guarantees you the necessary functionalities for :

  • control your purchase requests notably through the "purchase request" interface of DIGIPARC which centralizes all the purchase requests of your company, register your supplier estimates and keep the traceability of the various price proposals that you have been made, transform the validated estimates into purchase orders and dispose of their printed versions and, finally, update your stock status through the delivery notes of DIGIPARC which materialize on the system the effective entry of the goods into the store of the company.
With DIGIPARC's stock movement management, you will finally have figures you can count on.

All you have to do is enter the part references of a part on DIGIPARC to have a list of all the movements (input, output, transfer, return, correction) that it may have had within the company in detail: movement date, movement type, part number, supplier/vehicle, part reference, quantity, balance (remaining quantity of the part), unit price and total amount excluding VAT.
Moreover, you can have an idea on the total of the entries, exits and corrections of a given part of your stock on DIGIPARC.

Manage existing communications between "inventory" and "maintenance" on your DIGIPARC solution

DIGIPARC's "CMMS Maintenance" and "Inventory Management" solutions can be interfaced. Indeed, after the diagnosis has been carried out by the company's internal repair shop and if the need arises, spare parts will be ordered from the company's internal warehouse. This operation will certainly be carried out at the "CMMS Maintenance" module level, however, it is sufficient to enter the diagnosis number already performed on the system so that spare parts are recognized and loaded automatically on the "internal order form" of the inventory management solution.