Passenger Transport Solution

DIGIPARC, the indispensable ally of
public road transport companies!

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  • Optimize your workflow
  • Win in organization
  • Control your cash inflows and outflows
  • Gain in mobility
  • Foster collaboration between your teams
  • Plan your trips

DIGIPARC is not just a passenger transport tool but
an arsenal of high added value functionalities
for any road transport company.

  • Automatic creation of roadmaps
  • Management of vehicle and driver assignments to waybills
  • Creation and printing of travel tickets
  • Creation and printing of luggage tickets
  • Partial closure of trips
  • Final closing of trips
  • Automatic generation of customer invoices
  • Invoice collection follow-up
  • Commissioner management
  • Management of road courses
  • Reservation management
  • Cashier management by branch
  • Sort, dynamic cross filters and export to Excel
  • Attachment Management
  • Reporting
Save time by setting your rates and lines on your DIGIPARC solution!

A line at a public road transport company is equivalent to a trip, said trip is set on DIGIPARC by a departure point, an arrival point, a distance, a driver bonus and stopping points.
Being aware that your transport rates depend on several parameters at the same time and to make your task easier, we guarantee you that they are automatically entered when editing customer tickets, so, depending, of course, on the line, the time of year and the type customer or weight of luggage, you will have, thanks to DIGIPARC's pre-configuration, your rates automatically on luggage tickets or travel tickets published on DIGIPARC.

Put the multi-agency management of DIGIPARC at the service of the efficiency of your transport activity!

Thanks to the multi-agency management of DIGIPARC, you will be able, in the context of a multi-establishment transport company, to manage within a single instance several agencies sharing the same data repository.
Your agencies will be connected simultaneously on the same system.
Thus, each agency will have a clear vision on the availability of seats concerning the lines which are specific to it and will be able to edit, at its level, the travel tickets or luggage in all simplicity.

Edit your travel tickets and luggage in a split second on DIGIPARC !

You can consult the journey forms to find out which places are available with their respective numbers for each trip. Depending on seat availability, you can quickly edit and print travel and/or luggage tickets. To do so, simply click on the empty bus seat displayed on the "Reservations" interface and choose the type of customer in question. The price of the travel ticket will be calculated according to the prices set in the DIGIPARC reference system and the discount applied to the chosen customer type.
Once you have filled in the necessary information, you can obtain your ticket by printing it from DIGIPARC.

Follow the entries and exits of your various points of sale thanks to your connected DIGIPARC cash register!

On DIGIPARC, a daily cash register management is made for all the transport agencies of your company. In concrete terms, each agency could have a report at the end of the day summarising its cash inflows and outflows and at the same time giving it its daily balance.
The daily cash register report for each DIGIPARC agency is based, on the one hand, on the daily cash register outputs of the agency (water bill, internet, repair, etc.) and, on the other hand, on the travel tickets and luggage tickets sold per day.


Control your transport activity thanks to DIGIPARC high added value reports!

Synthetic reports with high added value are available on DIGIPARC for you. Printable, exportable and useful for management and decision-making, you will have in a few clicks, steering reports that will give you valuable help on a daily basis. Thus, you will have for a configurable duration (day, week, month, etc.) the turnover per agency, per driver, per bus and per line, the revenue per agency, the situation per agency, the status of tickets booked, the stamp status, the travel status, the travel report and the change in turnover per line, per agency and per bus.