Car Rental Solution

Manage your car rental agency with ease

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  • Consult at any time the availability of your vehicles
  • View information about your customers
  • Have in front of you all the reservations already made
  • Save time and mobility
  • Follow your customers' rules
  • Drive and measure your rental agency's performance
With DIGIPARC, take control of your prices by setting them by season, vehicle and customer !

Since your rates depend on several parameters at the same time and to make your task easier, we guarantee that they are automatically entered when issuing rental invoices to your customers on your DIGIPARC solution, depending, of course, on the season (high / low), vehicle category and/or customer.
Thanks to the DIGIPARC vehicle rental solution repository settings, you will save time and efficiency!

Benefit from complete customer management on DIGIPARC

On DIGIPARC, you have a personalised file for each of your clients. The "Customer" interface allows you to display a table of existing customer lists, find your customers through a simple search, review important information for each customer and also add or remove or also modify your customers by specifying their first & last name and phone number, allowed numbers, address, etc..
Thanks to the recorded customer data, you can edit documents without errors and in a few clicks.

Turn your reservations into a rental contract in a few clicks with DIGIPARC

Turn your reservations into rental contracts with just a few clicks on your DIGIPARC car rental solution. Indeed, in addition to the simplicity and intuitiveness of DIGIPARC's rental contract creation forms, the latter allows you to edit your rental contracts according to the model contract required by your company.
In addition, the "contracts" interface allows you to display a table of contracts already registered by number, customer, vehicle, date, duration, contract type and status (closed, in progress, invoiced). Finally, you can view a contract preview and print it at any time.

Get custom billing !

Give your customers price reductions and follow the payment of their invoices on DIGIPARC.

Quickly create quotes, invoices and purchase orders that you can send directly by e-mail or print from DIGIPARC.

With your new quick and easy car rental solution, your documents are ready in seconds.