Transport Solution - TMS

Control your transport flows and increase your efficiency!

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  • Plan transportation services
  • Optimize vehicle/employee assignments
  • Control the transport workflow (planning, validation, etc.)
  • Save time by computerizing your transport management
  • Edit and print the output states of your transport processes
  • Drive and measure your performance

DIGIPARC, everything you need to manage your transport

  • Setting of rates per goods, per journey and / or per customer
  • Editing & printing customer invoices
  • Editing & printing roadmaps
  • Editing & printing mission orders
  • Editing & printing quotes
  • Editing & printing trip sheets / travel orders
  • Editing & printing credit memo invoices
  • Posting customer invoices
  • Attachment Management
  • Reporting

You can't track the execution of all your customer orders (travel planning, progress, travel closing, etc.)?

You lose hours or even days handling Excel without guaranteeing accurate and on-time invoicing?

Do you have problems tracking your customers' payments?

Your human resources waste a lot of time on low added value tasks and can't concentrate on your core business?

We have the TMS you need!

It is because we are aware of the problems you encounter in your daily transport management that we strive to provide you with a TMS in line with your needs, combining simplicity and efficiency and capable of providing you with a complete service.

Whatever your activity (construction, large transport, goods transport, international transport, groupage, chartering, collection, etc.) and whatever the goods transported, DIGIPARC guarantees you not only a solution rich in functionality and possibility but also and above all a system capable of taking care of all your daily activity.

The TMS which we propose to you comprises within it the principal links of the activity of transport are: management of the quotation (estimate), management of the orders, planning of the services, execution of the services, closings of the services and attachment of the good, management of the invoicing, management of the collections and accounting.

Moreover, the TMS is very flexible and therefore capable of being adapted to the most specific needs of its users.

In order to provide you with a solution that perfectly matches your needs, we have developed and integrated, in close collaboration with our customers, a set of functionalities and interfaces that come directly from field requirements.

Now you can have your custom TMS with DIGIPARC !

Quotation management

With our TMS, you will be able to set your rates by goods, by route, by customer, by season (low or high), etc..

What's more, you'll be able to edit quotes according to your own quote template and then print them directly.

The amounts of the goods, services, etc. will be auto-completed on the system since they will be previously parameterized.


You will have the possibility to receive your customer orders from internet on your TMS DIGIPARC.

Indeed, you will have on the system the name of the customer, the date of the desired service, the goods to be transported, the type of service and the journey to be made (point A (departure) and point B (arrival)).

Then you will have the possibility of transforming the estimate validated by the customer into an order form on the TMS.

In this way, you keep the traceability of the actions already made (order, estimate, purchase order) with each customer


Benefit planning (travel) is also possible on the TMS DIGIPARC.

It consists of specifying the number of trips to be made to execute the customer's validated order, determining the quantities to be transported in each trip and assigning a truck and a driver to each trip.


The execution of the transport service is informed on the system through the edition and printing of the mission orders and/or the waybills that will be delivered to the drivers.

Indeed, the said waybills will be the reference point for the drivers when the transport service is carried out, they will contain important information relating to it such as: quantity to be transported, final date of the transport service, journey to be made (point A (departure) and point B (arrival)), driver's premium, driver's assistant premium, travel expenses, fuel voucher, etc.

The application is responsible design and can be used on any device for this purpose: smartphone, tablet, etc..

In addition, we will soon have a native application that will allow the driver to view travel details and agency managers to close services on the system from their smartphones.

Fence and attachment

Once the transport service has been carried out, it will be closed on the system.

This operation is completed by the attachment of supporting documents for trips made: sealed and signed waybills, etc..


Billing is very simple with the TMS DIGIPARC.

With just a few clicks, you can turn every closed trip into an invoice. You can also print the invoice directly from the system and deliver it to your customer.


You can track the payment of your invoices on your DIGIPARC TMS.

Indeed, once your customer pays his invoice, you can mark the invoice as paid on the system, this way, you will have a clear idea on the situation of your invoices by making the distinction between those which are already invoiced and those which are always invoicing.