Frequently asked questions

General questions

What is Digiparc ?

Vertical ERP 100% web in SaaS or On-premise mode. Digiparc addresses the specificities of the fleet management and transport business, and covers all the company's business processes.

With which sectors does Digiparc cooperate?

Digiparc covers all sectors and meets the needs of companies operating in transport (freight, urban, tourist, personnel, etc.), logistics, construction, industry, rental, agri-food, waste collection, as well as public administrations and multinationals.

Will Digiparc also work for the equipment?

Digiparc is flexible enough to work for ANY equipment you would like to maintain: vehicles of all categories, LCVs, VPs, SUVs, tractors, trailers, heavy equipment, boats, lawn equipment, machinery, industrial machines, machine tools, installations and more. You can manage preventive maintenance, manage logistics, assignments and track expenses.

Can I use Digiparc from my country?

Yes! Companies from more than 6 countries use Digiparc today. Digiparc offers different configurations to simplify the configuration of global operations.

  • Measuring system,
  • Time zone settings,
  • Time format settings,
  • Date format settings,
  • Currency settings.

What are the available contractual options?

Our objective is to offer practical and flexible contractual options to meet the widest possible range of budgetary needs. Here's how it works:

  • The service is available on a quarterly basis This avoids significant initial costs associated with on-site installation,
  • Pay only for the number of licenses you need each year,
  • Add or delete licenses as needed.
Maintenance and Support

What type of support is included with this service?

To contribute to your continued success, Digiparc provides the following support services to our customers:

  • Flexible support options - web, email, phone, whatsapp and chat,
  • Support during regular business hours - Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. GMT+1,
  • A competent and well-trained team of level 1 and 2 support professionals,
  • The ability to submit an unlimited number of support tickets at no extra cost,
  • Improvements and upgrades.

How does Digiparc take advantage of the latest and most efficient technologies?

  • Frequent improvement cycles, with new features deployed several times a year,
  • Upgrades that require little or no effort - and minimal disruption (usually outside peak hours) - on your part,
  • A formal mechanism to collect customer comments and suggestions and incorporate them into product roadmaps,
  • Easy to use.

How often do you publish updates?

Constantly! We publish small adjustments and improvements on a weekly basis, and more important updates every month.
There is nothing to install, no effort on your part and no interruption of your operations. We take care of all updates, hosting and other IT headaches. All you have to do is use the Digiparc system.
We keep you informed of new features and versions through application announcements and calls, Weekly Alignment (our consolidated product e-newsletter) and blog articles.


All SaaS providers say that their software is user-friendly. Is that the one from Digiparc?

The design of the user interface has been carefully considered, both technically and in terms of user-friendliness. Here are some of the features we have integrated to make the system as customizable and user-friendly as possible:

  • The ability to rename all data fields,
  • The ability to display only the data fields you need,
  • The possibility to choose the order of these fields,
  • The ability to limit functionality and visibility by role, providing a customized user experience,
  • Contractual flexibility.

Browser compatibility?

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox are recommended but among its advantages Digiparc works in all major modern web browsers.


Two languages are already available on Digiparc, namely: However, a simple and efficient translation system has been implemented on the system allowing users to make label changes easily and quickly. So you can translate all the interfaces of the solution into the language you want and view the information in your main language, with the currency and metric system of your country.

Data security and performance

Is my data secure?

Digiparc takes data security very seriously and invests in protecting your data. We implement and enforce security measures and procedures that comply with data security standards.

Who holds my data?

You are the owner of your data and are therefore responsible for it. We ensure their safety in order to protect them.

What protections does Digiparc use to protect our data?

Here are some of the security measures Digiparc takes to protect your data:

  • Firewall,
  • Intrusion detection,
  • SSL and application security,
  • Security monitoring 7 days a week,
  • All application development takes place in our offices. To prevent violations or theft and ensure that only authorized users have access to your application and related data at all times.

What are Digiparc's policies regarding our data and data portability?

All rights to your data are retained by you. We offer you the possibility to easily export your data and take them elsewhere, if you wish.
Your data will never be shared with a third party.
As long as your account is active, you have full access to your information, for consultation or transfer, at any time.
The information can be downloaded in a variety of popular formats.

How will Digiparc ensure the continuity of our service, particularly with regard to availability and disaster protection?

Minimum uptime of 99.5%.
Backup servers to avoid service interruptions in the event of a hardware failure.
Performance monitoring, to detect problems and quickly fix them.


Digiparc saas/on-premise, difference?

  • The "SAAS" mode, which consists in deploying the system on a cloud server hosted in a highly available and secure datacenter, accessible via a simple Internet connection.
  • On-premise mode where the software is installed on the client's server accessible via the company's intranet or extranet using a web browser.

Is there anything to download or install?

There is no need to install the software on the company's computers, nor to store the data internally, which makes it possible to make significant savings, particularly on investments in computer equipment. All the customer has to do is provide the users of his choice with access codes for this service. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection to be able to work with our software in complete freedom.

How does Digiparc train its customers?

Digiparc is based on an intuitive system: as a result, the training lasts an average of 2 to 3 days and covers the configuration and operation of its various modules.
This is a 2 in 1 training program that has two components:

  • Profile-based training for Digiparc users.
  • Functional administrator training reserved for a single user with the right to create advanced configurations on the software.

Import, export and reporting of data

Can I import fuel transactions from my fuel card provider's file?
Digiparc integrates seamlessly with major fuel card suppliers. Fuel statements are automatically imported into your database.

Can I update mileage information from a GPS system?

Yes, Digiparc offers GPS integrations with GPS providers. Digiparc can receive geolocation data and automatic mileage updates.

How is the process of specific developments conducted?

In order to comply with the needs of its customers, DIGISOFT has set up a specific development process that takes place in 4 steps:

  • The study of needs,
  • The functional specification,
  • Development and integration testing,
  • The recipe and delivery.