Our main objective is to guarantee a fast courier service at the right time and to the right person. Our activity is based primarily on the daily mobility of our couriers, which has led us to opt for an adapted management tool to manage the assignments, the administrative aspect and effectively manage FUNEX's activity.

With DIGIPARC, we have put an end to the archaic management of our activity. The adaptability of the solution has helped us a lot in terms of assigning couriers, each employee has his or her right of access to plan his or her own task. As a main user, DIGIPARC has allowed me to carefully control and monitor everything that happens in the company. In addition, in a short period of time, the solution has saved us considerable time and given us significant autonomy for our employees, thanks to automated and simplified management of our activity in order to respond as quickly as possible to our customers' requirements.

Mrs. Ibtissame ELYOUNSY

Logistics Manager

We have been working with Digiparc since 2017 and are very satisfied with their quality of service and continuous improvements to the system.
As our business grows, it's great to have a system that makes improvements on a daily basis.

Digiparc is a very efficient, user-friendly, modular and modern system.
We use it to monitor our main activity, waste collection, decentralized entry of collected tonnages, fuel management, purchasing & stock management, maintenance of our trucks, and management of repair workshops.

Mr. Rony TOHME

Managing Director

We were quickly convinced by the product, its flexibility of use, and its functional richness from the first month, we knew we were in good hands. We have found the right solution and software partner for the long term.

DIGIPARC is a 100% web-based, customizable software solution. In addition to the standard fleet management modules, we have successfully implemented a complete automatic ticketing management module from the "Transport" module of the software to manage our main activity, which is passenger transport.


• An excellent quality/price ratio with tailor-made features
• The possibility of having a single software package for ticketing, fleet management and commercial management,
• A unique database allowing the follow-up and management of our 24 agencies: editing of travel and baggage tickets, planning of journey plans and real-time cash register management.

Mr. Serge HABIB

Managing Director

ALVA is a company whose core business is to support Insurance and Assistance professionals by offering them a range of services intended for policyholders, in particular the rental of replacement vehicles. To succeed in our mission, we had to control the management of our fleet on a commercial, technical, administrative & financial level. Considering the large number of vehicles managed by ALVA, it became clear to us that DIGIPARC was the ideal solution.

We therefore called on their expertise to provide us with IT support that meets our needs. Our choice proved to be the right one. Over time and with the evolution of IT, DIGIPARC has supported us in our growth by facilitating our daily organization.

We particularly appreciate their human approach to the customer and the fact that they are always at the top of the technology.

Mrs. Fatima-Zahra AOUZAL

Managing Director

I took part in the training of the DIGIPARC software package offered by the Moroccan-based company DIGISOFT (Rabat) which took place in Libreville from 18 to 22 May 2015, in my capacity as Manager of Rolling Stock Management (Automobile Park) of the National Social Security Fund (CNSS) of Gabon.

I can confirm through the experience and the process that this software package is useful in management and decision-making for any manager of this type of activity. I was given the opportunity to practice, discuss and even experience the reactivity of this tool. The exercises were revealing and I left after each day with more tools and knowledge. The group atmosphere helped us to risk sharing in order to self-evaluate and look at challenges effectively.

My expectations have been largely exceeded, because today I feel an immense pleasure to use this tool in my missions, functions and decisions which are taken in all serenity, thanks to the information, ratios, statistics that DIGIPARC produces for me.

Mr. Fabrice MORET

Responsible manager of Fleet

The feedback is completely positive. We are already seeing a major change in the quality of the management of our fleet. The project to implement DIGIPARC in our information system was one of the best in our collaboration with DIGISOFT, taking into consideration the quality, cost and time required to implement it.

Workshops and needs assessments were organized, in order to build every aspect of the project, now I can, as head of the SLM network department of the Road Directorate, manage our park located in Casablanca on a daily basis. With a few clicks, we can track: Real-time machine maintenance operations, the state of our stock of spare parts and fuel tanks, vehicle availability and allocation, fuel consumption..."

Mr. Abdellah CHADDAD

Chief of service networking at SLM of the roads administrations

As the main user of DIGIPARC, I would like to acknowledge DIGISOFT for this software package that contributed to the organization of our work, which was decentralized, complicated and cumbersome.
Following several meetings to study our specific needs, training, processing of our complaints we currently have a version that perfectly meets our management rules, this solution allows me to:

- Manage vouchers and fuel consumption cards,
- Manage shared vehicles and vehicles on the move,
- Monitor and manage monthly rental invoices,
- Monitor fleet expenditures,
- Extract at any time reports developed to measure: Statistics and performance table, Overall site consumption status, expenditure estimation table......

DIGIPARC is an ergonomic and very easy to use solution that has helped us to consolidate our data, archive all the operations related to our fleet and also make communication with our superiors more fluid.

Mr. Abdeladim MREYAH

Administrative Officer

Digiparc has made an exponential contribution to streamlining our transport activity. Given the size of our fleet, I was often drowned in Excel spreadsheets and manual reports to manage each travel file, establish invoices and ensure that the group's cash flow was maintained.

Now, I like the way all my invoices are electronic, an excellent tool for our transportation management needs, also allowing me to manage all fuel vouchers and pull out a detailed report from the till with a single click.

Overall, Digiparc is exceptional, the richness of its features forces us to improve our productivity day by day and save more time.

Mr. Mohamed HACHIMI

Controller of management

We have been using DIGIPARC since 2017, this software allows a global and detailed management of our vehicle fleet.
DIGIPARC allows a meticulous management of all charges, fixed as well as variable charges.

I quote:
• Management of the variable part: Consumption (fuel, washing, service, etc.), Maintenance (vehicle repairs, draining, etc.), Administrative (Infractions, etc.)
• The management of the fixed part: A component that allows you to ensure the necessary documents for the circulation of your vehicles: stickers, technical visits, insurance...

In addition to all these elements, DIGIPARC will allow you to monitor your purchase and leasing contracts.

You can customize your dashboards as you wish and according to the parameters you considered essential for the management of your vehicle fleet.

I would like to thank the DIGIPARC team, a team that is always attentive, responsive and professional.

Mrs. Ikram BOUHOUT

Fleet manager and general resources

We have been using Digiparc since July 2018 to manage and monitor our tourist transport activity, Digiparc has enabled us to computerise the transport process through functionalities specific to our business (ordering, mission planning, dispatching, pricing, voucher editing, invoicing, payment monitoring, route cost and cost management, etc.) our drivers can with a simple click view their missions and access the entry of additional information on the missions.

The solution allows us to have a global control of the various parameters affecting the vehicle and to follow step by step its life path by putting via the vehicle file which centralizes all the general, technical, administrative and financial information relating to the vehicle.
What I like best about Digiparc is that they are always working to improve their product. There are always new features, or modules. Their pride in producing a quality software experience for the end user.


Managing Director

I have been working with Digiparc for two years. Thanks to their support and agility, we have reached a level where we have been able to fully automate our transport, fuel, maintenance and administrative management processes.

I like the flexibility of moulding the software according to our needs. As we all know, it takes a long time and is very difficult to get publishers/integrators to customize what they offer according to your company's needs.

Mr. Jaouad DRAOUI

IS Manager

As a user of DIGIPARC for several years, I am satisfied with the services of this company, and the quality of its DIGIPARC solution.
The responsiveness and solutions provided to our various requests adequately meet our expectations, particularly in the following areas:

- Fuel
- Order of missions
- Monitoring of the distances covered by our vehicles
- Monitoring of emptying
- Expiry of vehicle administrative documents.

Mrs. Chaymae EL HASSOUNI

Controller of management

As Director of Control and Insurance at STAREO, I am constantly managing incidents, accidents (Declarations, circumstances, drivers, injuries, deaths...), and checking the state of the buses insured quarterly, and given the large size of our fleet, these tasks take up a considerable amount of our time.
Currently with DIGIPARC, I can, in one click and in real time, view all the uninsured buses, and update the status of our fleet by simply importing from Excel file. DIGIPARC also allowed us to extract annual and monthly reports and statistics on the evolution of the claims experience of our fleet.


Director of Security and Control

Before the acquisition of DigiParc, the flow of information from claims on the urban transport network was not exploited, which caused us considerable losses in terms of efficiency and responsiveness in the event of a breakdown or accident.
With DigiParc, the edition is carried out in real time and includes all the necessary details of the claim, namely the location, severity, circumstances and temporary interval. Thus, communicating and separating this information on the entity concerned is automated.
Similarly, monthly reporting has become systematic and reliable, which will allow us to specify certain performance indicators in order to optimize our process.

Mr. Yasser SABER

Information Systems Department

With DIGIPARC our work is now much simpler and more controlled, it is a solution that allows us to control, with precision, the monthly rental invoices of our vehicles, to manage replacement vehicles and to follow our preventive maintenance and controls.

Mr. Tarik TOUMSY

Project Director, Information Systems Department