[Digiparc] Update December 2021


Fleet Module

Documents, Adjusting the search filter.

Documents, Add in the grid and its export the personnel number of the collaborator.

Administrative, initialization of the fleet at the list level.

Consumption, Fuel: Display of the distance of the HOURLY KM in the EXCEL export.

Consumption, fuel: Verification of the VAT field for accounts set up in CFA Francs.

Consumption, fuel: When entering the fuel voucher, if the % of consumption calculated is higher than the percentage set (mixed + tolerance) in the vehicle model, then the record must not be passed.

Rental module ( LLD/LCD )

Rental, Invoices: Integration of invoice templates.

Rental, Adjustment of the search filter by driver.

Rental, Status of the vehicles in rental and those available.

Rental, Contract: Add a "purchase order" field.

Rental, Display a control message if the vehicle has a current contract.

Maintenance Module

Intervention, when selecting a BS display the name of the parts.

Human Resources Module

Personnel, Absences, Leaves: Correction of "on duty" , "off duty" filters.

Driver's license: Visibility of columns: type, restriction and number of points

Collaborator: Adjustment of the print.

Transport Module

Trip detail report: Adjustment of start date and end date payment filters.

Path details report: Adjustment of the filters.

Invoices: Optimization of loading.

Trip details report: Added a button to cancel a payment.

Possibility to duplicate a travel file.

Invoice: Adjustment to the printout in EURO.

Tourist transport module

Tourist transport: Invoice management interface.

Tourist transport, Billing.

Tourist transport: Integration of an invoice model.

Passenger Transport Module

Travel, Display at the consultation level and details the visa fees + parking fees.

Travel, Adjustment of the field "DESIRE".

Travel, (Block of highway fees): Adjustments.

Travel, Added a recap showing the total amount of premiums.

Travel, Added a search filter by container.

Trips, Auto change of the number when changing the trip category.

Trips, (fees): Added a block for empty returns. Trips, Setting of status visibility.

Trips, ( trip details ): Adding a column "container return date".

Trips, ( trip details ): Adding a column "unloading date".

Trips, ( trip details ): Add a column calculating the delay ( unloading date - arrival date ) + RECAP in the list of trips, Add a canvas of the freeway charges.

Module Transport BTP

Invoices, Have the grid exported in the "yes" attachment column when there is a "no" attachment when there is not + add Attachment/No Attachment counters + search filter "attached/not attached".

Recap, Have the grid exported in the column attachment "yes" when there is an attachment "no" when there is not + add counters Attachment/No attachments + search filter "attached/not attached".

Programming, move the REFRESH button which is too close to the save button. Delivery notes, fill in the category of the vehicle automatically when recalling the data from the programming.

Delivery notes, Adding search filters by collaborator and by product type.

Finance Module Customer payment, Display of the information of the customer payment details, Adjustment of the attachment.

Bank journal, Manual addition of debit and credit transactions. Cashier, Linking of travel files to cash movements.

Adjustment of the import template of the transactions.

Filter by justified / unjustified transactions. Cashier, Adjustments.

Cashier, Addition of "vehicle" in the import template. Cashier, Add "vehicle" field in the form.

Purchase module Purchase, Delivery notes, import code corrections.

Purchase, Purchase order: Setting the visibility of the "Discount" field.

Purchase, Purchase order: Initialize part prices from the repository. Purchase, Purchase order: Add the vehicle chassis number to the printout.

Purchase, General: Add the supplier code in front of its name in the search filters. Purchase, Purchase order: Add to the printout the vehicle number and the chassis number.

Stock module Stock, Internal purchase orders: Optimization of the loading of the list. Stock, Release order: Recall in the form that the IBOs in progress / partially released.

Reports Fuel reports: Correction of filters.

Notification and Alerts Abnormal consumption alert: Add filters "start date" and "end date".

Settings Customer access, Collaborator interface: Fix the filter "in service".

Customer access, Assignments: Display only the current assignments. Customer access, Administrative module: Init documents / fleet.

Customer access, Visibility for the "user profile" field.

Customer access, Administrative module: Visibility for the user field. Setup, VAT: Add a field for the VAT "Equipment".

Setup, VAT: Added a field for the "Service" VAT. Setup of a help button displaying info on companies, authorities.