3 ways to make your fleet more secure with data connected

Jul 10, 2020 car park, maintenance, road transport, logistics, digitalization, software

Companies seek to improve fleet safety, reduce maintenance and fuel costs, and increase vehicle productivity and efficiency. Indeed, connected data is the answer.

In this article, we take a look at how connected vehicles can make your fleet safer, smarter and more productive.

Monitor driver behavior

Fleet managers can use telematics data to monitor driver behavior. Data received from your vehicles can be used to track incidents of excessive speed, sudden acceleration, braking, cornering and more.

Develop individual training for at-risk drivers

Fleet managers can share behavior with each driver in an individual setting. They can also organize a competition between drivers or teams of drivers. By harnessing their competitive spirit, you can motivate your drivers to reduce dangerous behavior while recognizing and rewarding the safest among them.

Locate vehicles in real time

It is not only a question of installing a telematics device to monitor your vehicles in real time, the most important is knowing how to use the information obtained and having a good infrastructure to manage it. Thus, a combination of integrated fleet management technology with a geolocation solution will help you increase your fleet performance to a whole new level.

Analyzing data from connected vehicles helps fleet managers manage safer fleets with less downtime. By tracking vehicle data in real time, you reduce the risk of breakdowns and accidents, thus ensuring optimal safety for all your assets and drivers.