How to explain the benefits of GPS tracking to your team

Jul 21, 2020 software, gps, location, fleet, fuel, maintenance, tms-transport, car park

Announcing changes in a business, especially technological improvements, can be a challenge. Despite all the benefits that a GPS tracking system can offer, there will be some people who are wary of the transition. And as a fleet manager, it's imperative to involve your staff before their resistance turns into negative issues for the business.

GPS is nothing new, but once drivers know they will be monitored with a GPS tracking system, they will have initial fears. They will instinctively think that they are being followed. To ease the transition, there are few tactics for getting ahead.

Involve your employees

When you are ready to set up a geolocation and GPS tracking solution for your fleet, the first step is to become an ambassador between your service provider and your staff. Fill in the knowledge gaps and explain your intentions.

Resistance is usually rooted in a misunderstanding. And communication is a simple tool to correct problems. Be prepared to address their fears and tie it all to a positive, both for the company and for the drivers. After that, dive into the implementation plan, which is how the vehicles will be installed with a GPS tracking system and how the company will use the data.

Respond to their fears with benefits

With any change, an employee will naturally think the company is ready to control their behavior. Instead, tell them how your business plans to leverage the benefits of GPS tracking to improve productivity and what that means for revenue goals. Then translate those goals into potential rewards for drivers.

The advantages to highlight

The drivers in your fleet are more likely to be receptive if you explain the benefits that apply to them.

Here are a few advantages to highlight:

Fleet management can be done manually by tracking data with spreadsheets. But it takes a lot of work and will often lead to increased costs and wasted time. Investing in a fleet management and geolocation solution will give you a feeling of comfort when it comes to protecting your assets, maximizing your income and ensuring that your employees are increasingly productive.