How to manage your fleet as efficiently as possible

Jul 17, 2020 tms, auto-float, auto-park, software, cloud, digitalization, transport, digiparc

Companies with fleets are numerous. Carriers, couriers, sales forces, utilities, public transport and other industries all have fleets that need to be managed as efficiently as possible. Knowing the processes required to manage a fleet allows the company to control associated costs, stay competitive in the market and meet customer service expectations.

In this article, we discover the role of technology in ensuring fleet safety, increasing the operational efficiency of the fleet and saving more time.


Fleets produce a huge amount of useful data, so having easy-to-navigate technology makes it easier for fleet managers.

You should be able to quickly track and isolate key data points, allowing you to spot them and make good decisions. But remember, data alone can never replace human judgment. To produce actionable steps, you need to combine analytics-driven technology with personalized expertise in fleet management. Once both are in place, you can start to focus on saving measures.

The three data points most closely associated with cost savings are: Total cost of ownership, fuel costs, and maintenance costs.