Internal Fleet Maintenance: Do you do it right?

07 Jul 2020 car park, software, transport, road, tms, maintenance, logistics, africa

When it comes to truck maintenance and repair, there aren't really any right or wrong answers when it comes to choosing between in-house maintenance, outsourcing, or a combination of the two. Fleet managers have different opinions. But how do you choose the right option for your fleet? And if you choose to do the maintenance in-house, are you doing it the right way?

In this article, discover some important factors to consider.

Qualified technicians

You may have enough technicians, but do they have the skills your fleet requires? Hiring and retaining quality technicians is an investment. It is important to have the right mix of technician skill levels to complete the job at hand. Training, tools and technology can get expensive, but without them you risk employing underqualified workers or losing unmotivated technicians.

Parts, tires, tools and equipment

Your repair shop should always be stocked with high wear parts, tires and supplies. These items must also be stored and secured. Make sure you are buying at the right price points and always keep tools and equipment in working order.


Determining physical capacity is a necessary step in making your decision. Do you have enough space in your workshop to handle all of your maintenance needs while your trucks are available? Considering expanding the size of your workshop or outsourcing some of the work are two cost effective solutions that will help you get more out of your trucks so that they are more operational.

Are you doing it right?

With DIGIPARC, you have the possibility to automate and simplify the entire repair management process internally or externally, with regular monitoring of vehicle maintenance, mechanics, spare parts and intervention costs. In addition, you have access to intuitive dashboards and dashboards to assess the expenses of your fleet, repair histories in order to increase the life of each vehicle and reduce the idle time of your fleet.