Launch of the new version of Digiparc


Launch of the new version of Digiparc V6 - 2019 Performance, ergonomics, new modules... DIGIPARC is constantly improving and offers new functionalities to meet the current needs of fleet managers in a simple and efficient way. A 360° vision of the health of the park combined with a follow-up of the actions for an enlightened management.

DIGISOFT is proud to announce the release of version 6 of its fleet management software. This new version marks an important step for DIGIPARC which is equipped with new functionalities, even closer to the market needs. In this version several axes have been developed to allow decision makers and teams to manage their fleets in the best way.

New features of DIGIPARC V6

In response to the specific needs of passenger transporters, we offer this module which takes care of all the links in the ticketing and waybill management process.

Thanks to the multi-agency management, DIGIPARC makes it possible, in the context of a multi-establishment transport company, to manage several agencies sharing the same data repository within a single instance. The agencies will be connected simultaneously on the same system.

In this way, each agency will have a clear view of the availability of seats on its own routes and will be able to issue travel or baggage tickets with ease.

The management of the missions proposed by DIGIPARC, is a module very adapted to the nature of the activity of each company:

Management of the tourist transport (transfer, circuit, excursion...),

Management of out-of-court settlements,

Race management,

Distribution and messaging management.

This module offers an efficient management of the company's activity through optimized processes ensuring the treatment of a file from the simple customer request to its billing:

Intuitive data entry and follow-up of missions on PC, Tablet or Smartphone, Dispatching of drivers and vehicles,

Mission history,

Management of the vehicle fleet,

Traceability of operations,

Statistical tables of turnover and number of missions by client, by type of vehicle, by business contributor...

Invoicing: automatic generation and edition of invoices, credit notes and customer statements,

Purchasing: management of traditional suppliers, supplier statements, payment schedules and payment follow-up,

 Treasury: management of cash receipts, cash disbursements, and bank journal.

This module, especially dedicated to carriers or service providers whose core business is to ensure transportation and logistics on behalf of their customers, provides a global vision of operations, reinforced by increased communication between the various internal and external actors of the company.

The first version of this module was implemented in version 4 of DIGIPARC in 2016, in the meantime, our teams have not ceased to evolve this module in order to meet the maximum needs of the world of transport and logistics which is becoming more complex every day. Therefore, several versions of this module have been created to adapt to different types of transport:

 Road transport

International transport

Transport BTP

Distribution and messaging

Waste collection

Thanks to the reduction of unnecessary tasks DIGIPARC brings a greater motivation to the users, and guarantees a better quality of service.

In addition to the functional improvements of DIGIPARC, DIGIPARC has a new design for its version 6 offering more ergonomics, intuitiveness and performance.

The new version also provides shortcuts for quickly adding repository items to the interfaces that are used on a daily basis. The objective is to allow the user to use the software more easily and quickly without having to navigate through several interfaces. In addition, the following new features have been added:

Graphic evolution for a better rendering as well as several performance optimizations;

Clearly outstanding response time optimization;

Mobile version: DIGIPARC V6 now adapts elastically to all mobile terminals.

The version 6 of DIGIPARC allows to store and archive documents in digital format and this at the level of all the interfaces: administrative (Insurance, car registration, technical visits, contracts.....), purchase (Purchase order, delivery note, invoices...), stock (release note, return note, transfer note) and collaborator (Contracts, Licences, Infractions...)

A directory has been specially dedicated to the attached documents which allows to optimize the research by filtering by vehicles or collaborators, the advantage is the simplicity as much for the recording as for the recovery of files, while increasing the collaboration and the communication between the users

DIGIPARC adapts to any type of business by maximizing accessibility and functionality, while increasing collaboration and communication between users.

All the reports and output of DIGIPARC have been redesigned in terms of the method of export to PDF. Thus once the report is viewed it can be exported quickly to PDF with a simple click, in this sense all reports will be published on AMAZON AWS S3 and thus benefit from all the power and security of hosting, while respecting the confidentiality of information.

In addition, our report catalog has been enriched with new decisional reports that align with the recently implemented modules, namely :

Turnover by supplier

Vehicle profitability

Diesel consumption by region

Turnover per bus, line, agency and driver