Some tips to reduce the maintenance and repair costs of your fleet

June 23. 2020 car park, maintenance, preventive maintenance, digital, transport software

Fleet management is not a simple task! Finding ways to reduce maintenance and repair costs for the fleet can seem even more complex.

Keeping your fleet well maintained not only optimizes the availability and lifespan of vehicles, but also guarantees the safety of your assets and perfect control of maintenance costs.

In this article, you will find some essential tips to reduce your costs, improve the health of your fleet and achieve significant savings.

Plan repairs

Excessive vehicle downtime is usually a sign of an inefficient fleet maintenance process and can have a direct impact on maintenance costs. With the help of a preventive fleet maintenance program, you can limit downtime by taking a proactive approach to fleet maintenance.

However, having an organized plan and enforcing it will result in less time spent on daily vehicle inspections, reducing downtime and expense.

Recognize downtime

When vehicles break down, their costs skyrocket! The implementation of an integrated solution, preventive maintenance practices and process simplification are all key elements in minimizing unnecessary downtime in your fleet and effectively controlling your expenses.

Clearer maintenance budget

Establishing a maintenance budget is essential for good management of your cash flow. The problem is, it's hard to know in advance whether certain months will be more or less expensive.

With maintenance software, you have the ability to centralize the history of all repairs made per vehicle, giving you an accurate forecast of what repairs are likely to occur in any given month.

Simplify your data

Tracking data with fleet management software is the best way to reduce your costs and simplify your maintenance management processes. Using versatile dashboards and reports, you get fast, relevant results to view and assess vehicle health, check financial data, and more.