Technology provides visibility to manage, control and reduce transportation costs

02 Jul 2020 car park, road transport, software, tms, logistics, africa

As businesses grow, management teams frequently look for ways to operate more efficiently and to interact with customers better.

In truth, technology and systems continue to evolve rapidly to improve business practices. More specifically, the use of technology in the transport and distribution sector presents many opportunities for companies in terms of cost control, optimization of transport flows, automation of fleet management processes and improvement of customer service.

Automation through technology

Many transport companies manage their logistics with paper and pen. How can you effectively connect and manage your supply chain with traditional management? There are simply too many limits.

In contrast, the right technology makes it easier to share information across departments, so real-time data is easily visible across the organization.
With greater visibility across all departments, you automate processes and eliminate manual data entry, reducing another set of human error issues.

Businesses can use DIGIPARC to leverage hard-to-access data in a single system and share it between different units cost effectively.

Fuel consumption control

Your fleet depends on fuel and you need a management system to track outliers and costs.

However, fuel is the biggest expense for fleets. If you try to calculate fuel costs manually it can be a daunting task. Not only does this process present a risk of making mistakes, it is not conducive to optimal productivity.

With an automation of the fuel management process, fleet managers will save more time and can focus on priority actions to maximize operational efficiency.

Fluid management of transport operations

Get full visibility into your entire transport process and access key information wherever you are.

Plus, technology gives you the ability to reduce freight costs based on real-time data that shows where your freight costs are climbing and how they could be reduced.

Think about how technology can automate your processes, streamline your management, and save you significant cost savings.