The advantages of integrated transport management software

June 12. 2020

The implementation of integrated transport software is becoming increasingly important due to the increasing advancements in automation technology and the associated need to simplify business processes for easier management. An integrated system will streamline your processes, reduce costs and ensure efficiency.

By using an integrated software, you will be able to know, in real time, the functioning of all the businesses of the company, which gives you more agility and security when making decisions.

Discover in this article several advantages that integrated software can bring to the company.

Time savings

One of the main benefits of integrated transportation management software is the savings and growth you will realize. Saving time reduces your labor and management costs, thus improving efficiency which contributes to employee productivity and streamlining of transportation management processes.

Easier for administrators

The integration of an integrated fleet management software allows the user to work from a single system and / or workstation. Changes can be made from a single screen, instead of having multiple computer systems and processes running simultaneously.

This will reduce the time spent training your administrators in the use of multiple tools and give them in-depth knowledge of the integrated system.

Since the data will not have to be exported, imported or replicated, there is less risk of human error. This will provide you with more accurate and reliable data.

Cost and storage savings

Having all of your information in one place will save on computer storage space (and costs). On top of that, the wealth of information that is collected at the back of an integrated system is easier to access, which leads to better decision making.

Better analysis

You will no longer have to rely on external tools to analyze your data. You can view information, data, statistics or whatever you analyze in one tool. This panoramic view of your data allows users to easily see the flow of transport operations, which is difficult when using multiple tools and datasets. This will help you analyze the performance of your transport activity in real time, while freeing up time for other tasks.

Real time data

Transferring data from one system to another will always take time. If you have large amounts of data, this can become a problem as your data will rarely be up to date. It is only through an integrated system that your data will be transferred to your preferred system in real time.

Real-time visibility is important for making accurate decisions. When the information is instantly accessible and no resources or time are wasted during extraction, your data will be transferred much faster.

Improved system security

Most companies deal with sensitive information that requires special measures and devices to ensure its security. By using a single system, you can easily integrate the security tools needed to protect your data. It's much more difficult if you use multiple tools and systems.

With good transportation management software, all business processes and aspects of the supply chain are simplified and increasingly efficient as they are all centralized in one place, providing real-time data and reporting, and finding errors that would be more difficult to spot manually.

With DIGIPARC, you have the possibility of fully integrating your data, achieving your goals more efficiently. This ensures that transport operations are more optimized, cost effective and simplified.