Increase the lifespan of your vehicles with preventive maintenance!

Customize your own preventive maintenance plans and receive automated notifications for maintenance reminders.
Easily track and fix issues with internal or external maintenance on DIGIPARC and report on compliance, productivity and costs. Effectively monitor labor, parts and inventory, from the creation of the problem to its resolution in order to increase the lifespan of your vehicles.


Define an efficient maintenance schedule for your fleet

Knowing that regular maintenance will reduce the downtime of your vehicles and increase their lifespan, DIGIPARC allows you through its preventive maintenance plans to plan your preventive maintenance (emptying, technical control, change of part, etc. ). Furthermore, you will receive alerts both on DIGIPARC and by email containing all the preventive maintenance that you have scheduled and that you must carry out.

Optimize the management of the pneumatic station by perfectly controlling your costs.

The cost of the tires is substantial, it represents 20% of the total costs of the fleet. This is why DIGIPARC offers you the means to manage them from start to finish:

Make your tire inventory, assign your tires by position or by vehicle, track your mileage and reform your tires.

Safely and reliably maintain your equipment and vehicles

Absence or improper maintenance can lead to dangerous situations, accidents and health problems. Performing maintenance is a risky activity that must be carried out safely. DIGIPARC helps you to comply with the safety regulations in order to guarantee a healthy working environment as well as a safe execution.

Store all intervention requests on your DIGIPARC solution!

All repair requests from all departments of the company can be edited on DIGIPARC. Each intervention request entered will automatically have the status “in progress” and will then change status after repairs have been made to become “closed”.

By storing all the requests for intervention and preventive and curative maintenance work and in a single database, you can easily search for maintenance work in progress, closed or planned by service, by fleet, by employee, etc. For each assignment, details such as status, time spent, parts changed, actual costs, etc. are registered and available on DIGIPARC.

Keep the diagnostic and support history made by your internal repair workshop on DIGIPARC

Before the start of maintenance work, an internal diagnosis is carried out on the vehicle in question, after which the type of problem will be determined, the parts to be changed, etc. DIGIPARC allows you to keep the history of diagnostics already carried out on the vehicle so that you can later find, using a simple search, important information concerning the health of the vehicles in the fleet. Support, that is to say the act by which the mechanic takes responsibility for the vehicle to be repaired, is also provided for on your DIGIPARC solution.

Have quotes and purchase orders for services

You can keep all the quotes sent by external repair shops on DIGIPARC so that you have to keep a record of the different prices that have been offered to you for the desired repair service.

Once you decide to request the services of a given repair workshop, you transform in a few clicks, on DIGIPARC, its quote into a printable order form.

Easily find the maintenance work carried out on your centralized DIGIPARC system

Each repair carried out on one of your vehicles can be recorded on DIGIPARC. Indeed, on a form as simple as it is intuitive, you can provide details of the intervention carried out: place of repair (internal / external), start date, end date, object of the intervention, family (mechanics, bodywork, parallelism, electrical, pneumatic, various), labor cost, changed parts, repair workers, etc.

All the information entered on the system can be found quickly using a simple filter search on DIGIPARC.