Keep your cash register without surprise by controlling your cash inflows and outflows

Keep track of the company's cash flow. View and analyze revenues and expenses for customers, suppliers, payment categories or projects. You can display your payments in a list, easily filter them with many criteria. Control intercompany transactions, your bank accounts and get better visibility into your company's liquidity.


Simple and intuitive, the DIGIPARC cashier solution allows you to track your receipts and disbursements in real time

DIGIPARC allows you to record and keep track of each new collection or disbursement made. Indeed, on a very simple form, it suffices to enter the information relating to the collection or disbursement operation: corresponding cash register, date, reasons for collection or disbursement, transaction number, amount in question, operation title, service, beneficiary, etc. to add a new checkout transaction.

In addition, you can find the history of your receipts and disbursements easily by doing a simple search by date, cash, transaction, etc.

Have your progressive cash balance in real time on DIGIPARC!

The progressive balance of the cash register is made available to you in real time on the "cash movement" interface. It represents the actual balance of the cash register at a given time “t”.
This balance is calculated on the basis of all the movements of your cash register (collection / disbursement) recorded on DIGIPARC.

Thus, you will have to carry the situation of your caisse at the base of which you can make quick and informed decisions.

Record and track your customer and supplier payments on your centralized DIGIPARC system!

On your DIGIPARC cash and cashier solution, you can record all of your customer and supplier payments.

Concretely, once the customer payment will be made, you can record this operation at the level of the cash register module and automatically after the transport invoice corresponding to the payment made on the system will be marked paid.

The same applies to supplier payments, in particular those related to the DIGIPARC inventory management solution.

Management and monitoring of supplier regulations

Discover a quick and simple management of your cash. Automate and pay all your invoices on DIGIPARC. Track vendor balances and reports, pay invoices in one click, and keep your checkout under control.

With DIGIPARC, you have the possibility of digitizing the entire payment process and processing supplier invoices in order to avoid unnecessary manual entries. In fact, you can make group payments of invoices, track deadlines, eliminate overcharging, display payment histories, consult available debts and communicate quickly and easily with your suppliers.