Automate and simplify your fleet management processes

In addition to the business modules designed to meet the specific needs of the various business sectors, DIGIPARC has a set of modules essential for any fleet manager regardless of the size of the fleet and whatever the sector of activity. of the organization in question.

fleet management

The essential features for
your fleet management

Fleet management

This module allows the manager to have a global control of the various parameters affecting the vehicle and to follow step by step his life path and all the information relating to the vehicle.

Fuel management

DIGIPARC gives you the possibility of tracing the heavy load represented by fuel in the balance sheet of fleet managers (15% of the TCO) and of monitoring its constitution little by little in order to be able to control it.

Contract management

The three methods of vehicle acquisition are taken into account in our solution (Purchase, Rental, Leasing). Each modality is fully functional on the platform.

Administrative management

It guarantees managers the traceability of their administrative information, the dematerialization of their documents, the management of their costs and the maintenance of the alert system.

Document management

By using this functionality, you can attach and dematerialize all the documents relating to the vehicle and which may be of interest during its management, such as: The sticker, insurance, catalog, etc.

Staff management

It is a personnel management module which takes care of all personnel information: administrative file, contracts, wages, driving license, offenses, accidents, promotions, etc.

Assignment management

We manage the allocation of vehicles to drivers according to customers. Assigning a vehicle to a driver differs from one company to another. The company could even assign the same vehicle to several drivers in the case of long uses / missions.

Reporting and dashboard

Dashboard of the day detailed with:
Availability, Turnover (overall, by period, by customer, by vehicle ...),

Improve the control of your fleet data with DIGIPARC vehicle files

The DIGIPARC fleet management solution allows the manager to have a global control of the various parameters affecting the vehicle and to follow his life path step by step by providing him with a complete file which centralizes all general, technical and administrative information. , and financial relating to the vehicle.

Control your fuel consumption with DIGIPARC

To control your fuel consumption, DIGIPARC

DIGIPARC manages your purchase, lease and LLD contracts

Take control of your costs and improve your budget forecasts!

DIGIPARC centralizes and maps the costs of your fleet. You can, thanks to the detailed view it offers, closely monitor the evolution of your TCO, carry out an in-depth analysis, identify the most demanding jobs and stand out with a mapping of the most adequate financing for your car fleet.

Improve the accessibility of your documents!

At almost all DIGIPARC forms, you can attach scanned documents, for example: driver's licenses, stickers and taxes, registration documents, insurance, supplier invoices, quotes or images, and thanks to DIGIPARC's dynamic cross filters, you can easily find your documents.

Reduce your paper consumption while having all the documents relating to your fleet at your fingertips at all times.

Gain efficiency by mastering your missions and assignments!

Plan your missions and make your vehicle assignments by driver on DIGIPARC. Indeed, you can with DIGIPARC:

Ensure regulatory compliance for your fleet!

Compliance with current legislation and standards is a condition for success: in fact, it is thanks to this that you will be able to develop your business safely, in particular by avoiding possible infringements or sanctions.

DIGIPARC helps you meet your regulatory compliance responsibilities with easy-to-set alerts and reminders.

Centralize the management of your different sites on DIGIPARC!

The DIGIPARC solution takes into account your organization on several sites (countries, regions, cities, etc.) and guarantees you a separation of functionalities, data and reports by site. You can determine for each employee belonging to a given site, the information to consult. You also have the possibility of making comparisons over time between the performance of your different sites.

Reliable data and perfectly secure access

Being a multi-user software package, DIGIPARC must increase the security of the information present on its database in order to avoid the risks linked to insecurity (alteration of data, destruction of data, etc.).
This is why it has adopted a drastic access rights management policy protecting its users from any potential information leakage.

Navigate with your native language!

Three languages ​​are already available on DIGIPARC namely: French, English and Spanish.
However, we have implemented a simple and efficient translation system on DIGIPARC allowing users to easily and quickly make changes to the labels. So, you can translate all the interfaces of the solution into the language you want and consult the information in your mother tongue, with the currency and the metric system of your country.