Track and locate your entire fleet in real time

DIGIPARC provides a complete solution for fleet managers to track in real time the locations of vehicles and assets and access the position of your vehicles 24 hours a day. You can know at any time which vehicles are on the road, stopped or waiting, as well as track the idle time of your fleet, monitor driving behavior and obtain real-time data on fuel consumption.

In addition, DIGIPARC allows you to manage in one place several boxes at the same time, it's simple, if you have several vehicles equipped. So you can define your own geographic areas and receive alerts wherever you are on any unauthorized location of your vehicles.


Save significant amounts of fuel

Fuel costs can represent up to a third of all fleet operating costs. A geolocation tool is one of the main means of controlling fuel consumption, reducing operating costs and increasing the efficiency of the fleet.

With DIGIPARC, you get real-time data on fuel level and consumption, identify outliers and make sure that the purchased fuel has been filled in the tank.

However, you receive on DIGIPARC alerts and detailed reports on the level and fuel consumption. View total fuel consumption, fuel level at the start and end of the trip, average fuel consumption, fueling events and more.

Easily get trip data

Manage your entire fleet from a single screen and easily obtain journey data in real time, view the histories of journeys traveled and hours of driving.

In addition, DIGIPARC offers a range of functions to consult each route taken, each stop made and each active mobile element. Be as specific as you want on data such as location, mileage, speed, direction and more.

Create your own geographic areas and receive real-time alerts

One of the main advantages of DIGIPARC is the ability to track the location of the vehicle in any area. With geofencing, you can create your own geographic areas, so assign your vehicles to any specified area.

Stay up to date on fleet activity, view vehicle overlap zones in real time and receive alerts that notify you when vehicles cross a geographic area.

By defining geographic zones, speeds per zone, you can now limit unauthorized use of vehicles, reduce fuel costs and improve the productivity of your fleet.

View your most important fleet reports

DIGIPARC provides access to a wide variety of intuitive reports and dashboards, which will give you an overview of the strengths of your fleet, areas to improve and better assess your fleet, its use and the costs associated with it.

Each report includes visualizations of easy-to-read data that can be customized to meet specific customer needs, such as fuel consumption, mileage, distance traveled, driving behavior, alerts and more.