The operator's daily tool!

Designed to automate and streamline the entire passenger transport business process. Digiparc is an arsenal of functionalities with high added value for any public road transport company.


Set the prices for your transport services by goods, by routes, by season and / or by customer!

Being aware that your transport prices depend on several parameters at the same time and in order to make your task easier, we guarantee that they are entered automatically when editing customer transport invoices on your TIG DIGIPARC, depending, of course, on the goods , the route, the time of year and the customer in question.

Thanks to the settings of the TIG BTP repository of DIGIPARC, you will save time and efficiency!

Edit your quotes on your TIG DIGIPARC with ease!

You can easily edit your customer quotes on your simple and efficient TMS: DIGIPARC. The quote is 100% customizable and will follow the model proposed by your company.

Its very refined interface allows you to quickly find all the fields you need.

When you have finished filling out the quote, just download it in PDF, to have a perfect document to send to your future client.

Edit your purchase orders on your TMS in just a few clicks!

All of your customers' purchase orders can be saved to your DIGIPARC TMS, you just need to fill out a form that is as simple as it is intuitive.

The customer order form published on the system represents an order to begin work, in fact, it is only after the transformation of a quote into an order form that transport services can be scheduled on the system.