Automate all purchasing operations

DIGIPARC automates the purchase request to purchase process, guarantees the traceability of the various price proposals that have been made to you, channels expenses to authorized suppliers and offers budget visibility at decision points.

Control all of your company's purchases, save your supplier quotes and transform the validated quotes into purchase orders and have their printed versions.


Strengthen your purchasing experience

The purchase request processes on DIGIPARC are very flexible. Easily create purchase requests, attach supporting documents, manage suppliers and create purchase orders from approved requests.

DIGIPARC offers visibility, compliance and control at every stage of the purchasing workflow. All expenses are tracked, approved and on budget.

Save time and effort in creating purchase orders

Quickly prepare purchase orders, digital delivery notes and send them directly to your suppliers wherever you are.

Existing purchase orders can even be duplicated to easily rearrange selected items. Users can take advantage of their databases to automatically fill in their order forms with the specifications of the articles, payment conditions and prices, as well as a personalized order number.

In addition, customize your purchase orders to reflect your brand, use a template to define the layout and fonts, choose the information to display and add your logo.

Convert digital purchase orders to invoices

Automatically match invoice records with purchase orders and delivery notes.

Of course, users can manage invoices by confirming those that have been paid, approved for payment and are still awaiting approval. Once all the details are satisfactory, simply press create and you will have a digital copy of the invoice at your fingertips, with a downloadable PDF version.