Follow the evolution of your staff within your company on DIGIPARC

Automate essential HR processes with DIGIPARC, visualize the organizational structure of the company and create a central storage of records, employee documents, personal and professional information.

Streamline the employee performance appraisal process and increase productivity.


With DIGIPARC, gain visibility on your driver data!

DIGIPARC ensures that your driver files remain organized, up-to-date and close at hand.

Indeed, so that all the important information of your collaborators remains available as soon as you need it: coordinates, validity of the driving license, training, infringements, medical visits, etc., DIGIPARC provides you with a file for each collaborator, gathering all the information of the latter, and thereby improving the visibility of your data.

Ensure risk prevention with the DIGIPARC alert system

Watch out for risk prevention with DIGIPARC, in fact, the DIGIPARC alert system will allow you to define alerts and reminders related to renewal dates for driving licenses, training, assignments, etc.