Control your transport flows and increase your efficiency!

Dedicated entirely and exclusively to carriers. Whatever the sector of activity and whatever the thing transported (goods, people, etc.), Digiparc offers you software rich in possibilities and adaptable to the specific needs of each client. Thanks to Digiparc, transport companies will be able to automate 90% of their daily activities.


You can now have your tailor-made TMS with DIGIPARC!

Quotes management

With our TMS, you will be able to configure your prices by goods, by journey, by customer, by season (low or high), etc.

In addition, you will have the possibility of editing quotes in accordance with your own quote template and then printing them directly.

The amounts of goods, services, etc. will auto-complete on the system since they will be configured beforehand.


You will be able to receive your customer orders from the internet on your DIGIPARC TMS.

In fact, you will have on the system the name of the customer, the date of the desired service, the goods to be transported, the type of service and the route to be made (point A (departure) and point B (arrived)).

Then you will have the possibility of transforming the estimate validated by the customer into an order form on the TMS.

In this way, you keep the traceability of the actions already made (order, quote, order form) with each customer


Service planning (trips) is also possible on the TIG DIGIPARC.

It consists in specifying the number of trips to be made to execute the validated order of the client, to determine the quantities to be transported in each trip and to assign to each trip a truck and a driver.


The execution of the transport service is informed on the system through the edition and printing of the mission orders and / or roadmaps which will be issued to the drivers.
Indeed, said waybills will be the benchmark for drivers during the execution of the transport service, they will include important information in relation to it such as: quantity to be transported, deadline for the delivery of transport, route to be taken (point A (departure) and point B (arrived)), driver's premium, driver's assistance bonus, travel expenses, fuel voucher, etc.
The application is responsive design and can therefore be used on any device: smartphone, tablet, etc.

Furthermore, we will soon have a native application that will allow the driver to consult the details of the trip and the agency heads to close the services on the system from their smartphones.

Fence and attachment

Once the transport service has been performed, it will be closed on the system.

This operation is completed by the attachment of supporting documents for the journeys made: sealed and signed roadmaps, etc.


Billing is very simple with the TIG DIGIPARC.

In fact, you can transform each completed trip into an invoice in just a few clicks. Furthermore, you have the possibility of printing said invoice directly from the system and then delivering it to your client.


You have the possibility of monitoring the settlement of your invoices on your TIG DIGIPARC.

Indeed, once your customer settles his invoice, you can mark the invoice as being settled on the system, in this way, you will have a clear idea on the situation of your invoices by distinguishing between those which are already invoiced and those which are still being billed.