Control your transport flows and increase your efficiency!

Dedicated exclusively to tourist transport companies. Digiparc offers you a software rich in possibilities and adaptable to the specific needs of each client.


DIGIPARC, everything you need to manage your transport

Tourist transport management

Automate the tourist transport process through all of Digiparc's functionalities (quotes, orders, mission planning, roadmaps, invoicing, regulations, driver premiums, etc.) A single click allows you to access the entry of a new assignment with all the corresponding details: customer, telephone, address, departure and arrival times, assignment of a driver and the addition of any comments.

Cash and treasury

This module allows you to trace all your financial flows and manage all your cash inflows and outflows like a miniaturized bank: management of cash in and out, customer settlement, supplier settlement, check books, bank journals, etc.


Once your customer settles his invoice, you can mark the invoice as being settled on the system, this way, you will have a clear idea on the situation of your invoices by distinguishing between those which are already invoiced and those which are always during billing.

Procurement management

Control all of your company's purchases, save your supplier quotes and keep track of the various price proposals you have received, transform the validated quotes into purchase orders and have their printed versions.

Fleet management

This module allows the manager to have a global control of the various parameters affecting the vehicle and to follow step by step his life path and all the information relating to the vehicle.

Staff management

It is a personnel management module which takes care of all personnel information: administrative file, contracts, wages, driving license, offenses, accidents, promotions, etc.

Administrative management

It guarantees managers the traceability of their administrative information, the dematerialization of their documents, the management of their costs and the maintenance of the alert system.


You can transform each completed trip into an invoice in just a few clicks. Furthermore, you have the possibility of printing said invoice directly from the system and then delivering it to your client.

Inventory management

Stock module capable of ensuring 100% automated monitoring of the entire supply process: internal order form, exit form, return form, transfer form, inventory, stock correction, stock movement, stock status, etc.

Maintenance & pneumatics

Guaranteeing you complete management of maintenance activities (preventive, curative, new work, pneumatics, etc.) through a precise and predefined workflow comprising all the stages of a maintenance activity.